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Following is an alphabetical list of software packages that have been reviewed in OR/MS Today:

  • @Risk Version 4.5 Pro
    Excel add-in is a valuable tool for modeling uncertain situations using spreadsheets.
    February 2003

  • @Risk, RISKview and BestFit
    Suite of risk assessment products offers experienced analysts, a powerful spreadsheet extension
    April 1997

  • AIMMS 3
    More than a modeling language, new version of Advanced Integrated Multidimensional Modeling System provides fully integrated application development environment
    August 2000

  • AI Trilogy
    Trio of AI packages simplifies applications of neural networks and genetic algorithms
    February 2001

  • A.MAZE Routes & Zones
    Transportation management system offers fleet scheduling solutions for large organizations
    June 2003

  • Analytica 4.1
    User examines modeling environment and takes a few irreverent pokes at spreadsheets.
    June 2008

  • Autobox
    State-of-the-art software for automatic time series analysis
    February 2010

  • Crystal Ball v7.0.1 Professional
    Intuitive, well-constructed Excel add-in offers aid to anyone modeling uncertainty or risk, or working with forecasting or optimization problems.
    April 2005

  • Criterium Decision Plus 3.0
    Versatile multi-criteria tool excels in its ability to support decision-making
    February 2000

  • Data Mining Components
    Numerical Algorithms Group's product offers a range of business applications
    October 2002

  • Decision Explorer
    An easy-to-use mapping tool designed to aid in the structuring and analysis of qualitative information
    October 1999

  • Definitive Scenario Release 2.0
    Expanded feature set offers power and flexibility for addressing analytical problems
    August 1998

  • Enterprise Optimizer
    Geared toward the business planning and simulation market, this unique product from River Logic boasts plenty of power and flexibility
    August 2002

  • Equity 3
    Software provides equipment procurement direction for United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence.
    June 2004

  • Evolver 4.0
    Genetic algorithm super solver can be applied successfully to many classes of problems
    August 1999

  • Expert Choice
    New version confirms product as an outstanding choice for complex, multicriteria problems
    August 1996

  • Flexsim 2.6
    Serious simulation tool offers many benefits for users in a manufacturing and materials-handling environment, including speed and 3-D graphics.

  • Frontier Analyst
    An easy-to-use tool to solve complex productivity assessments of the relative efficiency of multiple units
    April 1998

  • GoldSim
    Versatile modeling package bridges the gap between system dynamics and discrete-event simulation
    August 2003

  • Graph Editor Toolkit 3.1
    Programming toolkit provides a set of objects, properties and methods to build custom applications
    June 1999

  • GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System 5.0
    Workhorse programming language proves a valuable tool for financial, econometric and statistical professionals and students, as well as operations researchers
    October 2003

  • Insight 2.0
    New edition of Sam Savage's Excel add-ins for uncertainty modeling earns high marks for teaching management science.
    February 2004

    Easy-to-learn, low-cost business analysis software makes a good choice for short courses and quick-and-dirty industrial applications
    February 1999

  • JMP 6.0.3
    Interactive exploratory data and statistical analysis tool meets the statistical needs of virtually any user.
    February 2007

  • LGO
    User-friendly, versatile tool for global optimization suitable for classroom, research and applied decision-making
    October 2000

    Linear, quadratic, MIP callable library is a useful tool for OR/MS practitioners who write their own computer code.
    December 2002

  • ManagePro
    Goal-setting "MBA Ware" ideal for busy project managers
    February 1996

  • Maple 10
    From symbolic computer to universal math machine.
    August 2006

  • Maple 10 and the Global Optimization Toolbox
    Integrated technical computing system for advanced nonlinear systems modeling and optimization.
    December 2005

  • Mathematica 7
    Presentation features, parallel computing capability and graphs add up to impressive upgrade for versatile, venerable product from Wolfram Research.
    December 2009

  • Mathematica 6
    'Major' upgrade to popular computational system includes many new features and enhanced ease of use.
    October 2007

  • Mathematica 5.1
    Additional features make software well-suited for operations research professionals.
    December 2004

  • Mathematica 5
    'Mathematical system' offers wealth of features for operations research professionals
    December 2003

    Software answers needs of users involved in numerical and symbolic analysis.
    June 2006

    Interactive mathematical package offers high-performance numeric computing and visualization
    October 1996

  • Micro Saint
    Ease of use, additional functionality highlight discrete-event simulation-modeling tool
    April 1999

  • Minitab 15
    One of the "big beasts" of statistical computing capable of much more than basic use.
    August 2007

  • ModelMaker
    Cherwell Scientific Publishing product offers one-stop modeling, simulation and analysis
    December 1996

  • ModelQuest Expert 1.0
    Reliable and fast data mining using statistical networks.
    December 1997

    Problem-solving tool for network and enhanced network models
    December 1995

  • OPL Studio 3.1
    Powerful, flexible product offers array of problem-solving methods
    April 2001

    Innovative advanced planning software for an integrated approach to workforce management optimization
    April 2002

  • PolyAnalyst
    Data mining system targets likely respondents
    October 2001

  • Premium Solver Platform for Excel
    Developed by Frontline Systems, popular spreadsheet add-in expands capabilities with several new extensions
    June 2001

  • ProcessModel
    Easy-to-learn simulation package targets people who perform business process improvement
    April 2000

  • Resource Manager
    Quick and easy Excel-based MRP software for small and large manufacturing operations
    February 2002

  • RISKOptimizer
    Powerful tool eliminates much of the "guesswork" inherent to model derivation
    December 1999

  • SIMUL8
    A visual approach to modeling, simulation and analysis
    October 1998

  • SmartForecasts for Windows
    Product demand and sales forecasting package packed with innovative features
    December 2000

  • Stat::Fit
    Fitting continuous and discrete distributions to data
    June 2002

  • Statgraphics Centurion XV
    Despite some learning "bumps," comprehensive stat package compares favorably with competitors.
    April 2008

  • Systat 11
    Comprehensive Statistical Software and Great Graphics
    February 2005

  • TK Solver 5.0
    Time-tested mathematical modeling software boasts many new features.
    October 2004

  • TransPro
    Third Party Logistics Provider puts transportation planning package through its paces
    August 2001

  • Vanguard System
    Powerful, flexible, scaleable decision-support platform instantly converts business models into fully functional Web applications for enterprise-level deployment.
    June 2007

  • WordStat 5.0
    Content analysis software offers operations researchers valuable tool for exploring vast, untapped amounts of textual data.
    October 2005

  • Xpress-MP 2005A
    Mathematical modeling and optimization suite serves many needs.
    August 2005

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