Vanguard Software Corporation Vanguard Software Corporation
1100 Crescent Green
Suite 221
Cary, NC 27511
Fax: +1-919-851-9457
Brian Lewis, Ph.D., Vice President, Professional Services

Company Description:

Vanguard Software Corporation develops decision analysis software for building real-time business models and decision support applications.

Vanguard has combined widely-used decision-making techniques, artificial intelligence, and session-processing technology into the core of its products to provide an interface that is easy to apply yet powerful, flexible, and scalable. Businesses can not only solve complex problems and perform meaningful analysis, but they can also help customers make better decisions by building Wizard-style applications that guide their customers through a decision-making process.

In conjunction with our cutting-edge software technology, Vanguard also offers a full range of professional services, such as project consulting, custom application development, and training, to address your problems and develop effective solutions. Vanguard has the know-how and technology to turn your mission-critical applications into a competitive advantage.

Product Descriptions:

Vanguard System
The Vanguard System is a state-of-the-art business modeling and knowledge management software tool that integrates all of the key, proven decision analysis techniques as well as artificial intelligence to help you make better business decisions. It supports forecasting, Monte Carlo simulation, optimization, decision tree analysis, statistical analysis, sensitivity analysis, cash flow analysis and reporting, high-level math, expert systems, general modeling, and much more.

With its visual modeling framework, you can effectively communicate your models and analysis to a wide audience, from engineers to analysts to executive management. Using cutting-edge component technology, complex problems are easily broken down and collaboratively modeled across the enterprise as an integrated collection of smaller, reusable component models. A wiki-style knowledge portal allows component models to be organized, searched, distributed, and run by your entire organization using desktop software or just a Web browser.

You can also build and deploy Web-based expert systems that interactively guide users through complex decision-making processes, such as product selection, troubleshooting, and resource allocation.

Vista is a web-based survey tool that allows users to create, post, and track surveys online. Vista's results analysis is unmatched by any online survey tool. From confidence intervals to an exhaustive correlation analysis, Vista handles the statistics for you automatically.

Products & Services
Primary Business:
Software Development and Sales

Type of Software or Service:
Algebraic Modeling Systems
Decision Analysis/Decision Support
Enterprise Resource Management / E-Business
Knowledge Management
Operations Management
Statistical Analysis
Other: Online Surveys, Expert Systems, Web Development

Specific Methodologies and Applications or Areas of Expertise:
Linear/Integer Programming
Location Analysis
Non-Linear Programming
Product Management
Production Planning
Project Management
Purchasing Management
Revenue Management
Risk Management
Supply Chain Management
Systems Analysis

Fields or Industries served:
Chemical/Process Industries
Government (nonmilitary)
Oil/Natural Gas
Utilities - Water & Power

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