OptiRisk Systems Limited OptiRisk Systems Limited
One Oxford Road
+ 44 (0) 1895 819 483 / 488
Fax: + 44 (0) 1895 813 095
Kula, Business Development Manager

Company Description:

The mission of OptiRisk Systems is to be a global yet a niche player and a leader in the provision of optimisation and risk solutions. Within OptiRisk Systems we foster a culture of research and team building thus empowering our staff to achieve their full potential. We are highly customer focused and motivate our staff to provide an excellent service, which matches the business needs of the clients.

OptiRisk Systems offer products and services in the area of Optimisation, Risk Modelling, Portfolio Planning, Asset and Liability Management, Supply Chain Management, Strategic & Tactical Management, Scheduling of Transport Assets.

As a niche player and leader in the provision of optimisation and risk solutions. We have set out to realise our mission in partnership with other leading Optimisation service providers such as ILOG, AMPL LLC, Maximal Software and MathWorks.

Product Description:

Modelling Tools

Extensive set of AMPL and MPL modelling tools that come as interactive, studio and COM object. These are used to create powerful DSS applications.


Robust and value_for_money FortMP optimiser executables and Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) with a range of algorithms to solve LP, QP, QMIP and SP optimisation problems. We also resell CPLEX with any of our AMPL modelling tools.

Training and Workshops

Provide hands-on practical modelling and solving training, which can be customised.

Consultancy and Support

Provide on/off site project support for Optimisation, Modelling and Risk Analysis. We create DSS applications using Optimisation and/or risk model and simulation. We specialise in Outsourced model development and maintenance, Solver Tuning and Uncertainty & Risk Analysis.

Products & Services
Primary Business:
Software Development and Sales

Type of Software or Service:
Algebraic Modeling Systems
Decision Analysis/Decision Support

Specific Methodologies and Applications or Areas of Expertise:
Constraint Programming
Inventory Management
Linear/Integer Programming
Non-Linear Programming
Production Planning
Risk Management
Spreadsheet Add-ons
Supply Chain Management

Fields or Industries served:
Chemical/Process Industries
Oil/Natural Gas
Utilities - Water & Power

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