Kromite Kromite
6700 Woodlands Parkway
Suite 230-262
The Woodlands, TX 77382
Fax: 713-481-9832
Bill Klimack, Senior Consultant

Company Description:

Kromite is a leading strategic advisory firm that specializes in the application of decision science to help clients make strategic decisions, manage risk, and create value. We work with a wide range of clients in healthcare industry including: small biotechs, midsize and large pharmaceuticals, device manufacturers, generic drug companies, government agencies, and international health organizations.

Kromite helps clients develop innovative strategies which incorporate contingencies that deal with future events while maximizing the organization's goals. With decades of experience in the healthcare industry, we provide independent, unbiased expertise.

Kromite is vertically integrated and has in-house expertise in market assessment, epidemiology, sales forecasting, and full financial valuations to ensure high quality analyses.

Our services include:
  • Strategic development
  • R&D portfolio management, prioritization, and optimization
  • Pharmaceutical sales forecasting
  • Epidemiology & patient flow modeling
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Pharmaceutical licensing and merger integration
  • Pharmaceutical asset valuation
  • Training
  • Facilitation
Product Description:

Kromite's decades of experience helping clients led to the development of sophisticated software tools for the healthcare sector.

ValueGenie is a fully parameterized tool that calculates the value of an asset and generates full financial statements for the client, their partner, and any joint venture. ValueGenie™ incorporates both risk and uncertainty to allow clients to assess the impact of future events. In addition, it incorporates deal terms, allowing clients to develop effective negotiation strategies.

If your organization is still using point forecasts, allow Kromite to help you reach the next level of excellence in sales forecasting with ForecastGenie. By definition, the future is uncertain. ForecastGenie's approach allows clients to capture the uncertainty in a systematic manner rather than using optimistic and pessimistic forecasts. ForecastGenie one of the most robust yet flexible sales forecasting models in the industry. It enables users to develop market and product forecasts in hours. ForecastGenie is a parameterized model that can assess changes in assumptions in seconds.

PipelineGenie models a pharmaceutical R&D pipeline. Simple examination of a compound's probability of success for each phase is not enough. Uncertainty also drives variation in phase duration and cost, resulting in unwelcome surprises. PipelineGenie is easy to operate, yet is a powerful tool that provides both insight into R&D productivity and detailed financial estimates.

PipelineGenie can model the specifics of your current projects as well as future projects, in-licenses, out-licenses, and line extensions. Get the most from your project portfolio with PipelineGenie.

Products & Services
Primary Business:
Software Development and Sales

Type of Software or Service:
Decision Analysis/Decision Support
Statistical Analysis
Other: Strategic development; R&D portfolio management, prioritization, and optimization; Pharmaceutical sales forecasting; Epidemiology & patient flow modeling; Pharmaceutical licensing and merger integration; Pharmaceutical asset valuation; Training; Facilitation

Specific Methodologies and Applications or Areas of Expertise:
Data Mining
Project Management
Risk Management
Spreadsheet Add-ons
Systems Analysis
Other: Decision analysis; Discrete event simulation

Fields or Industries served:
Chemical/Process Industries
Government (nonmilitary)
Oil/Natural Gas
Other: Pharmaceuticals

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