2839 Paces Ferry Rd., S.E.
Suite 250
Atlanta, GA 30339
Scott Beaver, Dir. Marketing

Company Description:

GEOCOMtms provides fleet management software for managing local pickup and delivery operations more efficiently.

We've been helping fleet operators like Vascor, NAPA, McPherson Oil, and Velocity Express maximize their profits. We're passionate about improving efficiency, reducing costs, and raising customer service standards for local and short-haul fleet operations. And it shows on your bottom line.

Our customers depend on A.MAZE Fleet Management to direct operations spanning thousands of vehicles and hundreds of depots and distribution centers. Why? Because we provide the only fully integrated fleet management system available. A system that can help you design zones, plan routes, dispatch loads, track vehicles, eliminate driver paperwork, and maintain your fleet.

Product Description:

A.MAZE Zones lets fleet operators design territories using multiple criteria:

  • customer locations & density
  • time windows
  • order volume & revenue targets
  • driver pay
  • route distance

A.MAZE Planning automates load building, sequencing and scheduling, and route design.

Key Features

  • Supports multiple vehicle types and configurations
  • Recognizes vehicle capacity constraints
  • Complies with time windows
  • Reduces fuel consumption and overtime
  • Uses fewest vehicles possible

A.MAZE Dispatch provides tools for manual load building, driver assignment, tracking, customer service, and driver communications.

Key Features

  • Quick access to customer, order, and driver files
  • Automated alerts and event management
  • KPI Tracking and reporting
  • Detailed mapping and street level restrictions
  • Integration with back office systems

A.MAZE Mobile automates route accounting, reduces paperwork, and provides maps and directions.

Key Features

  • Field surveys & reporting
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Automated invoicing
  • Vehicle inspection and electronic driver logs
  • Wireless dispatch of stops with turn-by-turn directions

A.MAZE Monitor helps fleet operators track vehicles and monitor performance with real-time feedback on route productivity and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Monitor trips to eliminate out of route miles
  • Validate stop times and duration
  • Track route progress throughout the day
  • Alert customers if drivers are running late
  • Control contractor pay and reduce overtime

A.MAZE Maintenance is software for managing vehicle information, monitoring engine performance, and automating preventative maintenance.

Key Features

  • Vehicle identification: make, model, year, VIN
  • Vehicle registration, lease, purchase, and warranty information
  • Mileage tracking: daily, monthly, yearly, and cumulative
  • Maintenance schedules and history
  • Automated reminders and alerts

Products & Services
Primary Business:
Software Development and Sales

Type of Software or Service:
Decision Analysis/Decision Support
Operations Management

Specific Methodologies and Applications or Areas of Expertise:
Constraint Programming
Linear/Integer Programming
Location Analysis
Vehicle Routing
Other: Fleet Management

Fields or Industries served:
Chemical/Process Industries
Oil/Natural Gas
Utilities - Water & Power
Other: Wholesale Distribution

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