Agena Limited Agena Limited
32-33 Hatton Garden
London EC1N 8DL
United Kingdom
+ 44 20 7404 9722
Fax: + 44 20 7404 9723
Ed Tranham, Commercial Manager

Company Description:

Founded in 1998, Agena is a UK technology company providing risk management software to help people make better decisions and manage risk more effectively.

Agena's risk management software, AgenaRisk, makes use of a structured method that enables the quantification of ALL risks. This method is based on Bayesian Network technology and goes way beyond current statistical techniques to bring powerful analytical insight to the desktop.

Agena has customers across a number of business sectors including defence, transportation, energy, banking, consumer electronics, insurance and government.

Product Description:


AgenaRisk is designed to be used by both non-specialists and risk-experts. It is highly visual and does not need programming. This makes the analysis of complex risks easy to carry out and easy to communicate to everyone concerned.

You need AgenaRisk if...
   You need to handle uncertainty and get results from incomplete and often subjective data;
   You need to increase your competitiveness by managing risk exposure;
   Your decisions must be repeatable, auditable and visible;
   You have to communicate your argument easily at corporate, operational and project levels;
   Your decision making and risk assessment must provide support for process improvement and 'corporate learning';
   You want to reduce your risk management expenditure.

AgenaRisk enables the building of large, complex, high-quality solutions based on scalable, reusable and auditable risk models. It Integrates easily with database and spreadsheet applications, corporate IT environments and allows developers to build end-user applications using customisable templates.

Products & Services
Primary Business:
Software Development and Sales

Type of Software or Service:
Algebraic Modeling Systems
Decision Analysis/Decision Support
Knowledge Management
Statistical Analysis

Specific Methodologies and Applications or Areas of Expertise:
Risk Management
Other: Bayesian Networks

Fields or Industries served:
Chemical/Process Industries
Government (nonmilitary)
Oil/Natural Gas
Utilities - Water & Power

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